ווייַזן עוראַסיאַן קאַמפּאַזאַץ 2023

ווייַזן די עוראַסיאַן קאַמפּאַזאַץ
From September 27, 2023 until September 29, 2023
Bakırköy - יסטאַנבול עקספּאָ צענטער (Istanbul Fuar Merkezi), יסטאַנבול, טערקיי
(ביטע טאָפּל טשעק די דאַטעס און אָרט אויף דער באַאַמטער פּלאַץ אונטן איידער איר אָנטייל נעמען.)

Eurasian Composites Show: The meeting point of the composite industry in Eurasia. Eurasian Composites Show in numbers. Do not forget to reserve your seat at the Eurasian Composites Show.

The "International Composite Raw Materials, Semi-Products, Products and Technologies Fair", organized by Artkim Fuarcilik, who has been leading in the chemical industry for many years, will bring industry professionals from around the world to the Istanbul Expo Center on the 4-6th October 2023. It will bring it all together.

The Eurasian Composites Show hosted 55 companies, including 26 foreign representatives from 11 countries. A total of 2,982 professionals from the industry attended. Iran, Germany Uzbekistan Iraq Tunisia United Arab Emirates Saudi Arabia Palestine Ukraine Ukraine and Germany were the top 10 countries that had the most visitors from abroad.

The Conference & Seminar Program, held concurrently with the Eurasian Composites Show 2019 gave industry participants the opportunity to learn about new products and technology through 17 presentations by Turkey's top academicians and local and international participating companies.

Live Composites was the name of the final product exhibition at the fair. This allowed visitors to observe the everyday use of composite materials in products from almost all sectors. More than 50 products from sectors such as automotive, building-construction, textile, maritime, defense and aviation were exhibited in this area. These specially prepared exhibition spaces allowed visitors to get detailed information on the products such as their applications and benefits.

היץ: קסנומקס

רעגיסטרירן פֿאַר טיקיץ אָדער בוטס

ביטע פאַרשרייַבן אויף דער באַאַמטער וועבזייטל פון עוראַסיאַן קאָמפּאָסיטעס ווייַזן

אָרט מאַפּע און האָטעלס אַרום

Bakırköy - יסטאַנבול עקספּאָ צענטער (Istanbul Fuar Merkezi), יסטאַנבול, טערקיי Bakırköy - יסטאַנבול עקספּאָ צענטער (Istanbul Fuar Merkezi), יסטאַנבול, טערקיי


איך ווילן צו באַזוכן קאָנפֿערענץ צו ויספאָרשן מיין געשעפט

איך ווילן צו באַזוכן דעם זיצונג ויספאָרשן מיין געשעפט.
איך ווילן צו אָנטייל נעמען אין דעם געשעעניש צו ויספאָרשן מיין געשעפט.

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