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ביבליאָטעק פער & פאָרום דערהייַנטיקט דער ווייַטער אַדישאַן

From November 01, 2022 until November 30, 2022
At 1 טשאָמע-1-1 מינאַטאָמיראַי נישי-קו יאָקאָהאַמאַ-שי קאַנאַגאַוואַ-קאַן 220-0012 יאַפּאַן קאַטעגאָריעס: בילדונג & טראַינינג

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This exhibition has been well received by various quarters for its features such as "exchanging information and exchanging information among the entire library world across museum types< playing the role of a > for a year's summary of topics, technology, and product service information related to libraries or peripheral fields", and "providing guidance to new people and organizations coming to the library world", and it was held 23 times since it was held in 1999.

Every fall, we have held a three-day exhibition at Pacifico Yokohama, but from 2020, we expanded the exhibition to one month (November 1 to 30) and held online, and in 2021 we decided to hold a hybrid event with small venues (satellite venues) set up in various places in addition to online.