ISPO מינכען 2023

ISPO מינכען
From November 28, 2023 until November 30, 2023
מינכען - עקסהיביטיאָן מינכען, באַוואַריאַ, דייַטשלאַנד
+49 89 949-11388;
(ביטע טאָפּל טשעק די דאַטעס און אָרט אויף דער באַאַמטער פּלאַץ אונטן איידער איר אָנטייל נעמען.)

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Trend Special: New Perspectives on the Sports Year Products, Trends, InnovationsTopics, Perspectives, VisionsCommunity, People, Society. Products, Trends, Information. Themes, perspectives, visions. Community, People, Society. Trendsetters' paradise ISPO Munich: More information.

ISPO דזשאָב מאַרקעט איז אַ קאַריערע טויער פֿאַר די ספּאָרט אינדוסטריע. לייַדנשאַפטלעך קאַריערע.


The greatest minds of the sports industry gathered at ISPO Munich to shape the agenda for the future. The mega-event has brought out the latest trends, innovations, and new perspectives in the sports industry.

ISPO Munich 2020 set new trends. Exhibitors displayed innovative products that painted a picture about the sports industry in the future.

Sustainability Sustainability Megatrend : Lifestyle Lovebrands on a Tailwind.

Award ISPO Award: An exciting gathering and happy public choice winner.

What's next for the running industry after the Corona Boom?

ISPO Munich ISPO Brandnew Award - Ida Sports shoe for female footballers is the winner.

ISPO Munich Outdoor: The sports brands' plans for the future.

Winter sports: 5 Winter Sports Trends for Tomorrow.

ISPO Munich health & fitness trends to be followed.

ISPO Munich: Sports fashion diversity is back.

Textrends Textrends 24/25: Waste as fashion?

Sports Padel: a sport that is sweeping the globe.

ISPO Munich 2020 was the platform for many visionaries to share their opinions on topics that are well-known and also their innovative perspectives.

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רעגיסטרירן פֿאַר טיקיץ אָדער בוטס

ביטע פאַרשרייַבן אויף דער באַאַמטער וועבזייטל פון ISPO Munich

אָרט מאַפּע און האָטעלס אַרום

מינכען - עקסהיביטיאָן מינכען, באַוואַריאַ, דייַטשלאַנד מינכען - עקסהיביטיאָן מינכען, באַוואַריאַ, דייַטשלאַנד


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